Grading & Attendance Policy

Attendance will be taken weekly in various ways including but not limited to:

  • Logging into an online platform.
  • Sending an email or online message.
  • Engaging in a phone call with a teacher or other school employee.
  • Participating in an online forum or web thread conversation.
  • Connecting with students during meal delivery (route rider lists).
  • Listing of students served curbside.

Completion of Assignment(s)

  • All contacts must be documented. 
  • Teacher / student log is the preferred method.
  • Teachers who are not able to make contact with a student/s should notify the school administrator, guidance counselor, or other designated support staff member.

Returning Written Work

  • Students will take pictures of work and submit by email or other means of electronic transfer.
  • Evaluation will be primarily by discussion review.
  • Assignments should be posted on-line in addition to making hard copy available to students/parents.
  • The main goal of instruction during this time is to Maintain and not Regress. 

Grades Assigned

  • Grades for classwork completed during this COVID-19 Pandemic period will be no less than the average of the 1st three 9 weeks of the 2019-20 School Year
  • A consistent, good faith effort is given by the student during the 4th 9 weeks.
  • There will be only one culminating grade entered into the Focus gradebook for the 4th 9 weeks.
  • Students involved in Dual Enrollment, Early Admit, and Virtual programs other than the School Board virtual programs must follow the guidelines of the respective program provider.

Flexibility covered with Compassion and Grace is the theme.